Meet Our Rockstar Team

Nobody can do it all alone - whether you’re climbing Mount Everest, raising a baby, or building a thriving business, everyone needs a little bit of help. At Healthy Dash of Social, we’re your social media besties, your content creation guides, the push you need to bring your business to the next level. We’ve put together a team of the best experts in the business to help our clients grow.


Alexa - Founder + Digital Marketing Expert

I head up our team usually from my laptop at a cute coffee shop in Ohio, sipping matcha and listening to my favorite podcasts.

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Chelsey - Project Manager and all around admin goddess.

Meet Chelsey, Project Manager and all-around admin goddess! She handles everything from email management, invoicing and scheduling, to public relations, blogging, and client touchpoints!

Chelsey, the 6-foot blonde beauty, is a strong mental health advocate and is helping to end the stigma in any way she can. She also rocks several (read: 14) tattoos ranging from sentimental to a slice of pepperoni pizza on her knee! The fashion school graduate collects the September issue of Vogue and is often found sipping craft beer, while making sure she is far away from any condiments - her number one phobia. She is always with her main man, Herbert. He just happens to walk on four legs, but who’s judging?! Chels is somebody you definitely want to chill with.


Kelsey - Graphic Designer

Kelsey is a graphic designer with a passion for hand lettering, illustration, and layout design. Not only does she have a talent for creating colorful and quirky designs for her brand Offbeat Paper Co., but she also realizes the importance of designing content in a way that fosters engagement, effectively communicates with your audience and drives traffic to your little corner of the internet. 

When she’s not designing, you can find her hanging out with her husband & two spoiled pups, enjoying a craft beer and catching up on her favorite podcasts!

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Lynsie - Copywriter

Lynsie is a copywriter and communications professional who knows that everyone has a story to tell. She’s passionate about crafting memorable messages and helping brands engage with their audiences in a meaningful way. When she’s not working, she loves exploring the city’s shops, restaurants and fun events.

Our Partners


Brit - Brand Photographer

Photography is not just Brit’s job, it’s her creative balance in the chaos of a life. She’s always been intrigued by freezing time and being able to capture memories.

When not behind the camera, Brit is spending time with her two kids.

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Elizabeth - Web Designer

Elizabeth is a blogger and entrepreneur who specializes in Squarespace website design. Elizabeth has been building websites and working with custom code for well over a decade and is passionate about connecting with other entrepreneurs, bloggers and creatives who desire to create professional, engaging and successful online brands. She loves transforming a client's vision into reality through the websites she creates, and truly values their ideas and collaboration from start to finish, while bringing her creative and technical expertise to each project. Before Elizabeth took her web design business full time, she worked as a teacher in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She now enjoys working remotely with clients from all over the world with her Australian Shepherd, Sidney by her side


Vince - Videographer

Vince is an expert videographer, video marketer, and content creator. He helps clients build their brands through smart video marketing strategy and stellar brand videos.

When he’s not editing videos, he’s spending time with his wife and five kids, updating his youtube channel, or hitting the gym.

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Katee - Digital Advertiser

Katee Duarte is the Founder of Duarte Group, Inc, a communications agency with a special focus on elevating brands in the digital space. She has been managing and consulting in social media for the past seven years, with over ten years of professional experience in marketing, communications, and advertising.