I am huge fan of getting my digital marketing on point each month and setting myself, and my clients up in advance for two reasons:

  1. It helps me feel less stressed with the amount of work that goes into digital marketing everyday

  2. You feel very organized, and on point when you are set up ahead of time.

My Process looks like:


Research your competitors, take time every morning to read a resource/news that pertains to digital marketing, be
part of the conversations happening in Facebook groups. Continue education constantly, good resources I use are (LaterBlog, Hootsuite Blog, Planoly Blog) I reada lot of marketing blogs as well but just keep mindful that everyone has their own opinion on what works and doesn’t and you need to test things yourself.


Write out a marketing plan at the end of month for yourself. What is the theme of your posts, do you have anything coming up such as a launch, or challenge, are

any holidays coming up that you need to post about. Are you connecting your blog posts to your social media posts. PLAN AHEAD.


Batch content plan 1-3 days each month to create content for the next month, I hold it all the photos and captions in later this way I am not scrambling the day of to post and also after you use later for a couple of months they will start to track your best times to post!


I use Later for all of my needs especially analytics at the end of each month I create an analytics report to see if what I did the previous month was working or if I am not growing.


Have you ever tried to write copy last minute and it just didn’t sound right? I know i have you have to write it in advance and then when you post you can tweak it if need be.


Writing out your monthly plan on a piece of actual paper instead of just keeping
it all in your head can be the differencebetween a successful month and one that left you feeling deçfeated, overwhelmed and unproductive.

The reason I stress so much importance on setting yourself up:

  • Running your digital marketing is extremely time consuming and can be stressful especially if you are waiting till the day of to create a post.

  • You do your research, marketing plan, content sourcing, creation, and copy all in batched times so you can really be in the creative zone.

  • You are able to get it all in once place, and you are going to feel like an organized bad ass and a weight lifted off your shoulders for the next month

  • It allows you to stay consistent, if you get busy and don’t have time to make a post if you were set up ahead of time all you have to do is switch that to autopost and go along with your day.

  • It allows you to switch out things easily if need be, it allows you the flexibility to step away from your phone for a moment and we all know we need that sometimes.

I know what you are saying, I know it can be hard to come up with a post everyday but check out these ideas for your next month to make the first month a little easier on you:

Tell Your Story ( who are you behind the brand)

  • Morning Routine

  • Evening Routine

  • What does your work spot look like

  • Be personable what is something you are going through right now.

  • What are your hobbies sprinkle this in (books, podcasts, hobbies)

  • Collaborations ( set up collaborations with your favorite brands)

  • Words / Letter boards

  • Set up a weekly thing that you do for example on my blog I have #wellnesswednesday and I share what product I am loving. On my Business Account I do #FridayIntroductions and introduce and promote other small business owners.

  • Share curated content from others  that go along with your aesthetic and theme (UGC)

  • Do you specialize in something? Give a tip each week

  • Do you sell anything? Get your products in the hands of influencers and share that content

  • Do you own a business? Show behind the scenes

  • Create a challenge based on your niche

  • Join giveaways and network with others

Set up an editorial calendar for the entire month with ideas! Example to your right, you can do it right in Canva.

This allows me to one have a focus and keep my strategy for the month in place, it allows me to source the content at one time and really feel like I am telling a story, and it allows me to hold all of my content, copy, and hastags in one place!

Alexa Bartimus