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I never imagined I’d end up leaving my teaching career to become a full-time entrepreneur. In fact, I never even thought of running my own business until a few years ago.

In high school, I was set on becoming a journalist; I took as many classes as I could on creative writing, journalism, media -- you name it. When I was a senior I become co-editor in chief of my high school newspaper and got into one of the top journalism programs in the country. I ended up turning down that acceptance, and opted to attend a university closer to home, while still enrolling in journalism. A couple months into freshman year of college, I realized journalism wasn’t the right fit for me, and decided to pursue a degree in education instead.


I eventually went on to get my Master’s degree in teaching and taught at the elementary level for six years. I’ll spare you all the details of that journey, but the last two years of my teaching career I found myself physically, emotionally, and mentally drained. Even as a young teacher, I was burnt out. When my students would go off to humanities, I’d lock myself in the staff bathroom, sink to the floor, and cry. I’d go home and cry some more. I’d wake up every morning, dreading going into work, and would often look for excuses to call off. I wasn’t happy -- my relationships with my family, my friends, my significant other (and myself) were suffering. I was so tired of living in this constant cycle of stress and realized I had to finally do something about it.

In September of 2017 I had my ‘enough is enough’ moment -- that fall I promised myself it would be my last year in the classroom, and in June of 2018 I walked away from my teaching career for good. 

I didn’t just leave without a plan, though. While I was teaching I had quietly been growing a product-based business that I started in my kitchen. I poured every free moment into this business -- making products, connecting with potential wholesalers, attending networking events, selling at vendor shows, building my online presence -- it was my escape from the reality of my teaching career.

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When I left the classroom to run my business full-time I also found my way back to blogging. I started my first blog while I was in college in 2010 and had many different blogs over the years. This time, I wanted to create a blog for other female entrepreneurs and creatives to help them learn through my experiences. Along the way I realized there were even more ways I could help women with their creative passions  -- by helping them bring their online brands to life through website design and other graphic design services. With this business I felt like I had finally found my stride. Eventually, I transitioned to running my freelance design business full-time and slowly dissolved my product-based business. I wanted the freedom and flexibility of an online business, and felt like even though my first business provided me with the opportunity to leave my career, it was still holding me back from the freedom I was chasing.

When I was teaching, I felt like the life I had been dreaming of was so far out of reach. I wanted to travel, live abundantly, and create a limitless life for myself. Now that I run my own business I’m finally seeing those dreams starting to become my reality. While being an entrepreneur certainly comes with its own kind of stress and challenges, I honestly wouldn’t trade it for anything. I made a promise to myself back in 2017 and I intend to keep it.

I’ve realized in the last several months of running a business full-time that there are two crucial factors to having a successful business: mindset and marketing. I’m constantly reading personal development and working on my marketing strategies to get my business out there. I’ve also realized that some of the same skills I used in the classroom, still apply to what I do today. I’m now able to teach my clients how to use their websites, and teach women through my blog. Those experiences have helped shape me into the person I am today, and I know that everything that has happened in the past has led me to this point in my life.

I always encourage women who are contemplating pursuing their own business to just start. Take it one day, one minute, one second at a time and start putting your plan into action. You don’t have to know everything in the beginning -- you’ll figure it out along the way. If you take one actionable step each day into pursuing your passion, you just might surprise yourself -- I know I certainly did!


Hey there!

My name is Elizabeth and I'm a former teacher turned blogger and entrepreneur. I left my full-time job as an elementary school teacher in June of 2018 to pursue my first business that I had been building while I was still teaching in the classroom. In the process, I found my way back to blogging and also uncovered a passion for helping other female bloggers and entrepreneurs through my freelance design business, Lotus Media Designs.

As a freelancer, I design Squarespace websites, logos, and other graphics, while also offering a few online services for busy creatives. On my blog How She Does It Co., I talk about my experiences as an entrepreneur, and offer all sorts of tips about blogging and running an online business. I'm also getting ready to launch my first digital course and can't wait for it to go live to the public!

I currently live near Pittsburgh with my family and Australian Shepherd, Sidney. I love yoga, coffee, wine, the Pittsburgh Penguins, watching Friends, and travelling to my favorite, happy place: the Outer Banks. It's been a whirlwind of an adventure settling into my new role as a full-time entrepreneur, and I share the good, the not-so-good, and all the honest moments over on my Instagram feed. I truly believe that if you put your mind to something, you can make magic happen -- and you just might surprise yourself along the way!

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