Content Creation | Where to Start

Blog Posts, Videos and Photography Oh My!

With the seemingly endless options that are available how do you decide what type of content you should create?

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Firstly, you need to establish your marketing goals, your target audience, and your objectives, before you can select the best marketing channel to utilize. Once you have determined the most optimal channels of creation,  you will need to create captivating content to intrigue your target audience.

1) Educate:

Choose a subject/topic that is informative. Brainstorm what the main concerns or points of confusion about your product/service and then describe ways to resolve these issues. 

2) Engage:

Create content that fosters participation within your audience! Such as: asking them questions, inviting them to get involved with your brand online, host contests, the list is endless! This opens the channel of communication between you and potential clients! 

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3) Empower:

After you’ve successfully engaged your audience, try empowering them! Share client testimonials and stories, or answer their questions. Another option is to engage with similar businesses through interviews or guest blogging. This is also a great way to expand your audience! 

4) Entertain:

Share light-hearted content. Memes, silly videos, behind the scenes and similar types of media. Your audience is hoping to be captivated by you!

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Now that you understand the what, let’s talk about the who!

Nobody is great at everything, so when it comes to creating the best content for your business, it’s a good idea to consider outsourcing.

For example, maybe you’re not the next Steven Spielberg, hire a videographer! If you know what you’d like to say but struggle with the difference between effect and affect, hire a copywriter! Or perhaps you’re not Andy Warhol reincarnated, no worries! There are many amazing photographers who can help you out.

And that’s where Healthy Dash of Social comes in…

You know what you’d like your message to be, but you’re not sure how to share that message with your clients. At Healthy Dash of Social, we strategize the most effective way to create and develop content for your business.