How To Find Purpose in Your Career

In today’s day and age, we are no longer working to simply bring home a paycheck. We are no longer satisfied with grinding away at a meaningless job, or “working for the weekend.”  We are beginning to understand the importance of balance within our personal lives and our careers, and we are actively seeking ventures that enrich our lives instead of just sustaining them. 

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Some people are born knowing what they are meant to do and for some, true passion strikes when they least expect. You start off in a direction, committed to that journey, but suddenly you find something else that speaks to you. When this happens, it often leads to the question “What if it’s a mistake?” 

So to help you find your calling, here are some things to consider.

Are You Currently Happy?

Assess how you are feeling overall in your current situation. Are you struggling with burnout? Does this job still light you up? Ultimately, you need to recognize the difference between experiencing a rough patch and being drained of passion. Most people will chalk these feelings up to exhaustion in order to avoid facing the deeper (an scary) reality that it is time for a change. But if the idea of this career no longer truly excites you, it’s time to honestly ask yourself if this is the path you want to continue on.  

Who’s Dreams Are You Pursuing?

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Just because your parents had dreams of you being a doctor, lawyer, or business executive, doesn’t mean you need to be. Maybe a beloved mentor told you that you would make an amazing president, that doesn’t mean you should begin designing campaign posters. What everyone else wants for you is not as important as what you want to accomplish. It’s vital that you put your own dreams first. You will never find real gratification or bona fide contentment if the biggest motivator for your career is fulfilling the dreams of others. 

Take a moment and be sure your actions are motivated by the right reasons.

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Is There Another Way?

Hustle and Grind, two very familiar words in today’s society. We are taught that they are the pillars of success in business. And that you need to push and push and push to achieve predetermined milestones that determine how “successful” you are.

However, success is no longer being measured in these fixed standards, and grinding away at that checklist stifles your creative ability to see greater possibilities. Take a step back, look at the bigger picture, and figure out what it is you would like to achieve on a large scale. What do you really want? What is important to you? What does your dream life look like? For example, you could want to earn a steady income, live a comfortable lifestyle, spend your winters on a ski hill and/or your summers on a boat. Or you could be more drawn to the nomadic lifestyle. Travel the world, have minimal possessions and spend your time engaging in new experiences. When you look beyond the rigidity of the predetermined idea of what “success” looks like, you find new ways to reach your goals; sometimes in incredibly unexpected ways!

Although these steps may seem daunting or overwhelming, working through them openly and honestly will no doubt be incredibly rewarding. If you are ready to find your passion, reflect on what is important to you, and what you would like your life to look like. It may seem incredibly nerve wracking to potentially make a drastic upheaval, but it will be even more rewarding! 

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