Copywriting: How Your Business Can Benefit

Copywriting is an essential part of effective online marketing. It differs from regular writing/blogging in that it’s specifically designed to convince prospective customers to take action. And that “action” may range from purchasing a product/service, referring their friends/families, anything that requires the customer's involvement.

Copywriting is basically the modern-day version of a door-to-door salesperson; just much less annoying.

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 The Most Effective Copywriting is Comprised of Three Main Points. 

The first is what is special/unique about your product/service. What can it provide to your customers that others don’t? Is it local? Is it easy to operate? Identifying the uniqueness helps your product/service stand out from the competition.

The second point describes how the product/service benefits potential customers. This is where most unsuccessful businesses fail. They hope that simply describing why their product/service is great is enough to peak interest. But customers are typically self-serving. They want to know what’s in it for them. Describe how their lives would improve. What pleasure would the product/service bring?

A successful copywriter is able to persuade their potential customers that they’re currently despondent, and it is only with the product/service that they would be truly happy.

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Similar to the second, the third and final point for successful copywriting addresses what pain their product/service alleviates. Are you able to alleviate some money stress by offering lower prices? Are your potential customers able to save time by shopping online? An effective copywriter is able to evoke a feeling relief from those reading about what the business offers. 

Overall, an exceptional copywriter is able to paint a vibrant and compelling picture that elicits different emotions from potential customers. 

But not everyone is a modern-day Hemingway. Most people struggle with the difference between effect or affect, and are not sure how to actually use the word whom. Let alone be able to sit down to a blank page and string together words to construct sentences that are compelling and persuasive. 

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This is why the most successful businesses seek outside help. Outsourcing companies have teams that are specifically skilled in this area; such as with Healthy Dash of Social.

Our team of copywriters take your products or services and creates smart, strategic writing designed to better showcase what your business offers. They’ll entice your readers to click through to your site and take action, giving you more leads and engagement. Whether you’re just getting started or looking to launch your next big campaign.

Let Healthy Dash of Social help you with your copywriting needs!