Boss Babe Shout Out | Candice

Meet Candice, the owner behind the amazing company Pink Detox. They create unique bath blends of Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, powerful antioxidants, 70+ trace minerals, and electrolytes. 

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Their overall mission is to promote a healthy lifestyle, while still reminding women that it's okay to live a little! Drank too much wine? Stayed up and french fries? ENJOY IT!! Live guilt-free, and take care of your body afterwards #SinandSoak

At Pink Detox, they’re all about helping people. For Candice, reading messages where people exclaim "Omg your bath salts helped my back pain finally go away!" or "I was able to sleep for the first time in weeks" is her FAVORITE part of her job!! 

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Let’s get to know Candice better! Here’s her Top 5  Fun Facts

  1. First and Foremost: the kitchen is her absolute happy place

  2. Her best business ideas always come to her in the middle of the night when she’s trying to fall asleep! 

  3. She’s actually been playing around with making her own skincare products for as long as she can remember

  4. She worked in the restaurant/bar industry for 9 years! So she’s VERY experienced at trying to take care of your body while in a not-so-healthy lifestyle

  5. She’s a working mom! She has a 4-year at home and has one more on the way! 

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The biggest thing she’s had to learn when it comes to undertaking a business? Motivation! You need to motivate yourself because nobody else will, you don’t have a boss or coworkers relying on you and holding you accountable; the success of the business is relying on you. 

But her advice to potential entrepreneurs? Just Jump In! While it will be one of the scariest things you do, it will also be the most rewarding. And the motto Candice always lives by, “If you don’t build your own dreams, someone will hire you to build theirs.”

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Lastly, Candice would like to give a special shoutout to her wonderful boyfriend Tyler “He's always there to celebrate the tiny victories with me and gets just as excited as I do, if not more, when I have even the smallest win! And always helps me get back on track when I'm feeling discouraged” (awww)

You can check out all of Pink Detox Products Here or Check out their Social Medias!