Boss Babe Shout Out | Don Cooper of West Cooper Leatherworks

Meet Don, the amazing creator of West Cooper Leather Works (WCLW)!

It all started one day when he noticed a fork bag on a motorcycle.  He really liked the look, went over to check it out and thought to himself, “I could make that…” And with that, using scraps of leather from shops around is neighborhood in Vancouver, BC (Canadian eh!) he began to learn the basic techniques and WCLW was born!

Screen Shot 2019-08-16 at 1.07.36 PM.png

Their mission from the beginning has been to create beautiful items that become a part of people’s everyday experiences. To carry things that become a part of your routine and age beautifully as you share adventures and encounters with them. 

Don’s favorite part of his business? Learning! Something that may have worked well on one piece, may not be the most beneficial for another!

Don is constantly finding new techniques and new ways to apply them. And “in this early stage, I’m learning something every time I sit down to work...I also love seeing how many awesome people have rallied behind me to help my business grow!”  


The top 5 Fun Facts About Don? 

  1. He LOVES food! His go to guilty pleasure is best categorized as a “toddler at a carnival” (think corndogs, nachos, mini donuts…) 

  2. He was a server and a bartender in Vancouver, BC for 10 years (!!) 

  3. He has a motorcycle license! And his preferred method of transportation is his Harley! 

  4. He proposed to his now wife at the rest stop on top of a snowy highway mountain pass!

  5. He lost a bet once and now has a tattoo of his friends face on his bicep, can anyone else say, amazing!?  

Even though WCLW began as a hobby for friends, it quickly blossomed into an amazing creative outlet, and has now evolved into a side-hustle!


Don’s advice to those hoping to begin their own venture? Do your research and put in the time! Whether it be how to better burnish leather or when to post on Instagram, Don says that every day he’s learning something new. And the quote that he thinks we should all live by?

“Stay Weird!” 

The biggest thing he’s had to learn in business? How vulnerable you feel when you first begin to put your work out into the world. “It’s hard, and you have to really commit.” And his other biggest lesson is that you have to go all in. You can’t go halfway, and if you miss “deadlines” you are letting down yourself, and more importantly, your customers


Lastly, Don would like to thank his wonderful wife Mercede! “WLCW wouldn’t have a logo, a social media presence, let alone any customers without her!”

And be sure to be on the lookout for their Etsy Store coming soon…….