Tips to Stay Motivated When Working Remote

Ahhh freelance, the dream job for many. You get to choose your own hours, your own dress code (or lack of!), you can work from anywhere, there’s definitely MANY benefits! 

But it’s also easy to pick up some bad habits, especially if you struggle with self-discipline. So here’s some tips to help you flourish in your remote life!

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Make A Schedule:

Setting a schedule helps you to figure out the steps you’ll need to take to reach your goals. Set specific, manageable goals, and avoid rolling over any unfinished tasks to the next day. Constantly playing catch up willing quickly lead to you feeling stressed and overwhelmed.  

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Get To Work On Time:

One of the steps in your aforementioned schedule should be your start time. Sure it can be tempting to stay in bed all day, but you’ll be more productive if you actually get up and start your day. Wake up, have breakfast, and go through your morning routine as you normally would as if you were actually going into work. This can even include getting dressed as if you were going into an office! 

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Create A Workspace:

Alrighty, you’re up, you’re dressed (maybe), and you know what you want to accomplish today!  But where are you going to accomplish it? One of the perks of working remote your array of options. A cute coffee shop, a picnic table in a park, the library, you really have a variety of places to choose from! It may also be a good idea to set up a dedicated workspace in your home. But whatever you do, DON’T WORK FROM YOUR BED!! However tempting, the Division of Sleep Medicine at Harvard explains that working from your bed makes it hard for your brain to distinguish it as a place of rest. Meaning that working from your bed (no matter how cozy) will actually make it harder to fall asleep, since your brain will think associate it with work! 

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Don’t Forget To Take Breaks! 

You may not be in a formal workspace, but you’re still working, and it’s important to stop periodically throughout your day. It may be tempting to power through your to-do list but your remember that your brain is a muscle, it needs to rest. Researchers at Harvard (yup the same ones that warned you not work from your bed) observed that the most productive employees worked for about an hour (52 min to be exact) and then took a 17 min break. These breaks could be anything, eating, stretching, getting outside for a walk, anything that gives your brain a breather.