Why A Boutique Agency Is The Right Choice For Your Business

What aspects are you looking for when deciding on a branding agency for your business?

If you want your company to stand out, if you’re looking for innovative marketing, in-depth communication, and lower costs, then maybe you should consider the benefits of a boutique agency. 


1) Can We Just Talk?

Communication is absolutely key! It ensures that the agency not only understands, but shares the same vision that you have. Large marketing firms tend to assign you to an “account executive” that communicates to their team what they’ve discussed with you. But, do remember playing telephone as a kid? Remember how many times the message at the end actually matched the message at the beginning? Not Often. With a boutique agency, you not only speak to a main “point person,” but you also get the opportunity to interact with everybody on your creative team! This helps to avoid any misinterpretations and/or disappointing “surprises.” 

 2) All the Small Things 

While a boutique may have a smaller team, that doesn’t mean the members don’t hold considerable qualifications; and these adept creatives tend to wear multiple hats within the company.

How does this benefit you? 

Typically, bigger agencies employ a “top-down” hierarchy, where lower ranking employees may not be able to express their ideas. But at a boutique agency, integration among coworkers allows for superior communication. This fluidity means that they are better able to strategize about different tactics that would work best for you! Also, this role sharing also means specific tasks are delegated to the person who is best equipped to handle them!

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3) Roll With The Punches

A larger agency will most likely come with predetermined packages, but not all of the features are what you’re looking for, so you end up settling for the package that most closely aligns to your needs. However, boutique agencies revel in their ability to be their own captains. Meaning they are more flexible, more inclined to adapt, and are more enthusiastic about integrating new ideas and concepts. 

4) Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems

 In general, a boutique agencies doesn’t have the same overwhelming overhead as larger agencies, since they require less. They don’t have a need for a large office space, have fewer employees, etc. thus, they have a lower overhead. These cost savings are then passed onto you, the client. With a larger firm, they usually have multiple divisions, several managerial layers, and require a larger office space. Unfortunately, these high levels of expenses means that they are unable to offer the same cost saving provisions offered by a boutique agency. 

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Overall, a boutique branding agency is going to be more agile, more innovative, more cost-effective and more communicative with you. Most importantly, their overall goal is the same as yours, to increase the awareness of your brand.