Boss Babe Shout Out | Natalie Kelley


Natalie’s goal is to show women that they are plenty, while striving to live well. She aims to inspire women to embrace their true selves, and realize that wellness is about the mind, body AND soul.

For Natalie, getting to witness as women transform their lives, both in their personal wellness and in their business, in front of her eyes is the most gratifying experience she could have ever dreamed of.

Getting to work with so many amazing and hard working women continues to inspire Natalie in her own life, and she cannot wait to continue on this journey!


On the holistic health coaching side of her business, Natalie specializes in helping women who struggle with IBD and other gut health issues, as well as confidence and self love.

On the wellness-business coaching side, Natalie helps other entrepreneurs or side-hustlers transform their dreams into reality! From launching their own health coaching practices to starting blogs or heck, even fine-tuning their Instagram brand! She is an all around gangster!

Top 5 Facts About Natalie!

  1. Before finding her love of running, Natalie was a dancer for 12 years and a cheerleader for 3!

  2. She’s also run a full marathon (!) and 3 half marathons (about to be 4!!)

  3. Her true food love is carrots- seriously, she can’t go a day without eating them

  4. She’s a MAJOR bookworm! If she could figure out how to make a living by reading books all day she totally would!!  

  5. She was absolutely DESTINED to be an entrepreneur. Growing up she always preferred to play “office” instead of “house.” She even asked her parents to turn a closet into her very own office when she was 9!

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One of the biggest lessons Natalie has learned from starting her own business is the value of patience and self belief. All the hard work, experiencing all the twists and turns, and the inevitable ebbs and flows, have taught Natalie to acknowledge that it is all okay. She realized that it is okay to have failure, because as a business owner you are not defined by that. What you ARE defined by is the work you put in and the attitude you have towards yourself and your business. Even after experiencing failure, you have to get back up and continue believing in yourself, your dreams, and the success you know your business can and will have.

One piece of advice that Natalie would give is DO NOT GIVE UP. It may sound cheesy, but it is so true. When things get hard, when you are exhausted from grinding day and night, when your head feels like a big jumbled mess, that is when it is most important to hold onto your dream, do not throw in the towel. Because guess what? YOU are worth it!  To reach your Dreams and your Business is worth it to continue believing in it.

Another piece of advice is to not define yourself completely by your business. It's easy to define yourself solely on the business you're growing, but it's important to remember who you are in your soul outside of your business as well - it will help you see things clearly and make level-headed decisions when you hit rough patches.

Two quotes Natalie lives by is “Those who dare to fail miserably can achieve greatly" and "I am more than where I have been" - Morgan Harper Nichols

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Lastly, Natalie would like to give colossal shoutouts to these amazing peeps for their help in her success:

“My professors in college believed in me from the second I started my blog right before sophomore year and even allowed me to get credit for it one semester as ‘independent study.’ They always pushed me to continue growing it, working on it and making it a priority in my life.”

Her parents, “From brainstorming sessions, to reminding me to never give up when the hard days hit. Supporting me when I told them I was taking my business full-time and leaving a stable job behind, to believing in me even when I didn't believe in myself. They have been my rocks during this entrepreneurial journey and I can say with 100% confidence I wouldn't be at this place today without them.”

“Lastly, my close girlfriends, and fellow bloggers, and boss babe entrepreneurs who are my constant cheerleaders. Who never get mad when I say ‘no’ to a night out once again because I'm working on a project. Who take photos of me when we're out and about, taste-test all of my recipes and give me pep talks when needed. I have the most understanding, supporting circle of girlfriends!