Self-Care Tips For Entrepreneurs

So let’s be honest, being an entrepreneur is hard. Sometimes you feel isolated, sometimes you second guess yourself, and sometimes you feel like you won’t survive another day. Between the crazy long hours, the pressure to be successful in a busy world, and trying to find time for yourself, it can be a lot. Before you know it, you’re burnt out. You’re exhausted in every way possible, you’re feeling unmotivated, and you probably feel sad too. Am I right? 


Self-care as an entrepreneur is so incredibly important. You started a business because you believed in it, and in yourself. Don’t let that dream go! There are simple things you can implement into your life to find balance again. There are things to make you feel not just human again, but happy too. 


Some of the top self-care tips are:

  1. Make sleep a priority - in a world where it is so easy to work from 7:00am to midnight without so much as a break, sleep becomes a second thought. But what happens when you don’t get enough (and I’m talking six hours a night at least)? Yeah, your body will eventually throw in the towel. You cannot sustain a healthy life, nor a successful business from a hospital bed! So please, structure yourself a better sleep schedule! And even better, sneak in a 30-minute power nap a day. If Google thinks it’s a good idea, we can get on board! 

  2. Exercise - getting your blood pumping is incredibly good for you; both body and mind. Even a quick yoga session in the morning and a jog in the evening will make you feel like a new person, promise! The most successful entrepreneurs in the world are all big advocates for exercise, so they’ve gotta be on to something! 

  3. Ask for help - please stop thinking you have to do it your own! Life is hard, running a business on top of it is even harder. There are so many opportunities to find help. Even hiring yourself an assistant to take care of your scheduling, client care, etc. could be the change you’ve been dreaming of. Or if you need help in your personal life because work is crazy, that’s okay too! It truly does take a village to raise kids so if you’re a parent, make sure you are leaning on those closest to you for support.

  4. Do something for yourself every day - whether this is a morning meditation, an evening bath, taking your dog for an afternoon hike, or reading a book with a giant cup of tea, these little things can make a huge impact. By nurturing yourself and making your mental and physical health a priority, you are setting yourself up to be more successful, both in work and in life. 


I know it’s easy to drink five cups of coffee a day, power off of three hours of sleep, and live in “maintenance mode”. The reality though is that you will burn out faster than you can imagine. Don’t resent the entrepreneur path you’ve chosen because it is stealing you away from your happiness. It’s supposed to bring you joy because - whatever it is - is your passion.


Lastly, don’t lose sight of your end goal, but please also enjoy the journey. One day when you are making six figures and revelling in the success you worked so hard to achieve, you are going to look back and know that it was all those obstacles and tribulations that helped shape you and ultimately turn your dream into your reality.