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Meet Emily Parsons. She’s a digital marketing guru for all things relating to your online presence (think social media ads, brand consulting, and brand development)! Abundat Surge gives you access to 250mm monthly Pinterest users, but is 12x cheaper than other social media ads! Additionally, Emily created Blush Consulting to walk side by side with women entrepreneurs, lending guidance, support, and elevation work their way to achieving their goals.  


Blush Consulting, allows her to be apart of so many women’s start-up journeys, and Emily loves being able to mentor women through live events, online consulting, and webinars. Additionally, getting to watch as her watching her customers continually increase their website traffic is her favourite part of Abundat Surge.

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Top 5 Facts About Emily:

1) She was born in Texas, but lived in Ohio until she was 15. Then she moved to Michigan for 3 years until moving to Georgia, where she lived until she was 24, and then moved back to Ohio!

2) She’s terrified of cats (really!)

3) She’s constantly butchering any and all sayings!!  “‘A dime a dozen’ ” will most likely end up ‘A

dozen of dimes’ if I’m trying to reference it”

4) She loves to travel! In her spare time, her and her husband love to plan all the dream trips that are on their bucket list (and they hope to get to cross them all off one day!)

5) She’s BEYOND obsessed with her cutie little pup named Hazel #dogmom

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One of the biggest lessons she’s learned over the years is the importance of separating your personal life from your business. She understands that it can be extremely difficult, but advises that it absolutely essential! You need to set boundaries in order to maintain your passion, otherwise you’ll risk burning out

One piece of advice that Emily  would give is to lay the foundation! She spent two years working her side hustle before it became Blush Consulting! She explains that successful business, the kind that lasts for 100’s of years take time to build.  Be patient with your dream, but don’t ever complacent.

The quote that this beautiful #BossBabe lives by is “Every Moment We have a New Opportunity To Decide If We’re Going to be Positive or Negative”

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Lastly, Emily would like to thank her amazing parents, for raising her and her sister to be independent!

She’d also like to thank her wonderful and supportive husband Aaron!

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You can find Emily at either of her websites:

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