Boss Babe Shout Out | Anna Osgoodby and Mallory Musante


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Meet Anna Osgoodby and Mallory Mustante. These two badasses teamed up to co-found Bold and Pop where their mission is to offer extra hands when it comes to Branding, Squarespace website design, and Social Media Campaigns. Leaving the business owners to focus on what they are really passionate about!

These two beauties love getting to work with fellow small business owners, all of whom are in a different phase of their entrepreneurial journey.

From those who are just starting out and need help taking their ideas and creating a brand personality, to those who have been entrepreneurs for years and need extra hands managing their social media, as well as those looking to rebrand and take their businesses a different direction!

getting to work with such an array of amazing people is their favourite part of their business!

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5 Fun Facts About Anna and Mallory:

1) They’ve only lived in the same city for a year! They met 7 years ago in New York City, and now run Bold & Pop from Raleigh and Seattle!

2) Actually, their Biz Bestie story started on Craiglist!! Anna was working as the Social Media Director at a boutique public relations firm in New York City when she posted an ad looking for a partner-in-(social media) crime. (Remember when we looked for internships, jobs, and even apartments on Craigslist?!) One application and interview later, Mallory was hired, packed up her life in Connecticut and moved to the Big Apple...

3) These two are absolute overachievers at heart. Mallory graduated college a semester early and Anna graduated a whole 2 years early! No wonder they deemed themselves #TeamGetShitDone

4) They might have met in a big city, but they are both absolute nature lovers. It’s the one time they are both able to shut their brains off and recharge.

5) So it must come as no surprise that these two are both totally plant obsessed! They share a dream to each live in their own apartment jungles (and are both WELL on their way)

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One of the biggest lessons they have learned from starting a business is FLEXIBILITY! A business can feel like one big experiment sometimes and there are so many variables that can come into play. So being adaptable and patient with the process are things they have learned to embrace! Some things will work out great, and others will need some adjustments but as long as you’re always working on improving and adjusting as needed you’ll find your way!

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One piece of advice that Anna would give is to plan ahead! While she freaking LOVES when people want to chase their dreams and make all of the things happen, she warns that it may be harder than people think. While there are those who have been able to “make 6-figures in 6-months,” those are more the exception than the rule.  Her advice, if you have the option to save up prior to starting your business, do it! Work on your business as a side-hustle for a while, get your systems in order and then go full-time

Starting a business is a crazy, exciting, amazing thing to do but it’s also stressful, so if you can alleviate some of that stress by knowing your bills are going to be covered for 6-months, even if you make nothing during that time, then I highlight recommend it.

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Similarly, one piece of advice that Mallory has is the practice of patience and persistence. Nothing is going to happen instantaneously... No matter how many people look like they’ve “made” it overnight. There will be delays, challenges, and you are going to have to pivot as you start/grow. But persistence is going to get you to where you want to go, and even beyond. It is the balance of being patient as things unfold, and continuing to push forward, and do the necessary work you need to. Mallory truly believes this combination is the key to growing a successful brand.

What Quotes Do These Two #BossBabes Live By?

Anna loves “Hustle and Heart will set you apart” because in these crowded markets, showing your personality, and how passionate and excited you are about your work truly does set you apart. People want to work with people they connect with, so putting both together is really important

Similarly, Mallory lives life by being  “A Fruitloop in a world full of Cheerios.” Like Anna said, it’s easy to get lost in oversaturated markets. Showing off their personalities, and being truly unique in who they are as individuals and business owners has helped them connect with their audience on an authentic level. And hey, no one ever said business couldn’t be fun!

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Finally, there’s a couple of people that Anna and Mallory would like to give shoutouts to:

“First of all, definitely our families who instilled strong work ethics from the very beginning and have always supported our goals, no matter how crazy!”

Second, as sappy as it may sound, they want to thank each other! “Having a biz partner who has the same vision as you, and can support you through the ups and downs makes this journey even better”

Then last but not least, “Our community! We started a Facebook Group called #GoingBold that has brought together small business owners, side hustlers, and bloggers from across the world. Having that community to bounce ideas off of and just support each other throughout the days and weeks has been SO helpful!”

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