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Stacey’s brainchild, Pepper - Your Badass Business BFF Inc., came to life almost six months ago and ever since has hit the ground running. Her idea of creating an administrative outsourcing company for creatives (much like herself) is leaping and bounding across North America - and now accepting international clients. Pepper IS your badass business BFF - the one who does all of the yucky business stuff to keep a creative business owner doing what they love - being creative!

Stacey Pepper Your Badass Business BFF Inc

Pepper - Your Badass Business BFF Inc.’s mission is all about one very important thing. Work. Life. Balance. Hustling 24/7 has been pushed hard for a really long time and if Stacey has learned anything, it is that it is next to impossible to maintain a successful business while trying to enjoy some sort of personal life. She doesn’t believe that you have to compromise either of those things - they really can live in amazing harmony! You can absolutely have a successful business that you pour your heart and soul into while also going for brunch with friends and spending a whole weekend without checking your inbox. Stacey really wants other creative entrepreneurs to get to enjoy it too.

At Pepper, this team of virtual assistants’ goal is to make other creative entrepreneurs feel like they can have their business grow and be successful while also enjoying a personal life that is healthy and fulfilling. They personalize each client experience so their work is getting done exactly how they want it and Pepper is supporting them in being healthy and happy individuals. It is so rewarding knowing that they are making a difference in their lives, both personally and professionally. And also, having a team of badass employees is pretty much the coolest thing ever!!

Top five fun facts about Stacey! Well there’s a whole darn bunch, but here we go:
1. Before starting Pepper, Stacey was a full-time wedding and boudoir photographer - and she still does this on the side!
2. She has a tattoo of her miniature dachshund, Frida, on her arm.
3. She was born and raised in the Yukon, Canada.
4. Her favourite snack is all natural liquorice.
5. Her music playlist is embarrassingly disorganized so you never know what you’re gonna get!

Stacey Pepper Your Badass Business BFF Inc

The biggest thing that Stacey has learned from owning her own business? That it is hard AF. Okay, that was a joke! Not that it isn’t hard, because it really is! But that there is so much more to it than that! Stacey has learned that starting a business is not something you can entirely do on your own. Yes, the idea for the business can be your own beautiful little baby, but until you add other people, it’s just that - an idea. You need experts in areas that aren’t your strong suit (where my tech peeps at?!) and you need support in the actual execution of everything. From website design to legal matters to branding and then the actual work, you really do need a whole network of people. There have been some long days and sleepless nights, there have been a few tears (or maybe a lot, but who’s counting?!) and of course there have been obstacles, but those are the exact things that make it all worth it. To see your idea go from notes scratched on a paper to basically a living, breathing thing is honestly one of the most humbling and amazing things that has ever happened to me. So make sure to just stop and soak it all in as it’s happening a round you. It’s chaotic and crazy but so incredible.

Stacey Pepper Your Badass Business BFF Inc

When asked what is one piece of advice to give to someone going along on a similar path, Stacey said:
Do your research - find out who your competitors are, set realistic goals, and be prepared for some bumps. Don’t take things too personally because business can be savage sometimes. Trust your vision and keep going, even when it seems impossible. Nothing good ever came from comfort zones, so jump in with two feet and get ready for a wild but amazing ride!

Stacey is sending mega shoutouts to the following peeps:
”First and foremost, my business coach, Jesse, at Idealust. He keeps me on track, motivated, and focused. Jennifer, owner of Field & Sea and Sonya, owner of Sugar Coded Designs for making Pepper a real thang on the good ol’ interwebs. To my teammates, Pepper wouldn’t exist without you; you’re my famjam. To my friends and family for believing in me and to my creative industry friends; this was built for you.”

To wrap this bad boy up, Stacey lives by this badass quote! “Every day is an opportunity to make choices that move you towards living the life you want. Believe in yo’ self and get shit done your way!”

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