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Kenzie is a Certified Empowerment Coach and Warrior against Impostor syndrome. She helps women shed their old and disempowering thoughts, realize their true potential & fearlessly pursue their dreams.
At Fraud to FEARLESS Empowerment Coaching for Women, Kenzie helps her treasured clients shed the toxic, disempowering beliefs that are holding them back from creating the life they truly want, and start living on THEIR terms. Kenzie’s favourite part about operating her own business is that as her own story evolves each day, so does her business. Each struggle or obstacle she encounters in her own life soon turns into a catalyst for the growth of both myself and women she serves.

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Top five facts about Kenzie?
Well, she has a PhD in Education and 20 years of experience in the public service sector. She is a recovered alcoholic and has been sober for six years. She loves travelling to remote locations and immersing herself in the culture. (She almost died off the coast of Nicaragua a few years ago!) One time, Kenzie interviewed for a job with the Secret Service and nowadays, she is a dog momma to two rescue bullies, Winston and Apollo.

Kenzie Bond Boss Babe Shoutout

One of the biggest things that Kenzie has learned on her journey as a business owner/boss babe is that everyone’s journey to success is different, and everyone’s definition of success is different. She says that think defining what success is to you before you begin the entrepreneurial journey is an often overlooked piece of the puzzle. How will you know you are there if you have not clearly defined it?

If Kenzie could give you one piece of advice, it would be to “Hire a coach. The few times that I have not been working with someone has been the time that I have made the least progress in my business, and I will now NEVER not have a coach! And it’s vital that you hire someone you "click" with, as you will be s pending a lot of time with them.”

And this badass quote is enough to get your creative juices going — “Feel the fear. Do it anyways.” Kenzie swears by this motto.

Kenzie wanted to give a personal shoutout to all of the amazing people in her life. She said, “All of the fearless women that have gone before me - even if we have never spoke, your openness & authenticity about the struggles of striking out on your own have al lowed me to gather the courage to pivot at a time when most people are beginning to look forward to retirement.“

Kenzie Bond Boss Babe Shoutout

Follow along to Kenzie’s coaching journey:

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