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At Healthy Dash of Social, our team of experts is dedicated to helping wellness and lifestyle brands grow their audience, engage their customers, and create an online presence that will enable their business to thrive; and we do it all with style, panache, and a healthy dash of personality and sass.

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As a mindset and self care junkie, I’ve always been into mindset work, studying psychology, the latest mindfulness app, or the newest healthy recipe. I started my blog, Healthy Dash of Sass, as a creative outlet and form of therapy for myself - and my audience just kept growing.

With a background in social media marketing, I started Healthy Dash of Social to help wellness and lifestyle brands rock their online presence. I built a team of the best pros in the business, from videographers to PR experts to digital marketing specialists.

I’m passionate about helping my clients grow their businesses, and dedicated to making sure they get the results they’re looking for. Each brand has its own personality and brand voice, and one of my favorite things about my job is being able to channel their unique “self” across platforms to help them reach their target customers.


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My recent fave can’t-put-it-down book is The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*** by Mark Manson.

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My ultimate dream is to own a mission-based coffee shop. I still need to think up a fun name for it!

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I’d rather be relaxing in nature over anywhere else. My favorite local spot near me is Seneca Lake.

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I’m either super extroverted or super introverted - I have no happy medium!